The program is aiming to help youth with disabilities getting skilled and empower
    themselves through enhanced development skills training sessions.
  • PSC
    PDF Summer Challenge
    Summer Challenge Is a 45-day long social project competition where 25 teams
    with 10 people In each has to compete to bring positive change to our community.
  • Disability Friendly Campus
    Campuses are audited to make them friendly for the disabled.
    Several sittings are taken place with the authorities and faculties.


Ability is in your heart


Summer Challenge is a 45-days long competition where 20 teams with 10 people each compete to bring positive change to our society. Aiming to benefits more than 5000 physically-challenged and underprivileged people, each year PDF organize this event.


The Scholarship project aims to seek brilliant students with disabilities who are acing in their academic life and needs assistance to make their dreams come true. Based on their performances, merit, family structure, needs, and social picture we select and filter the students who try to make it happen.


The objective of the Disabled Friendly Campus Campaign is to introduce the topic of inclusion of students with disability who have managed to overcome years of schooling and college life and now seeks further development through higher education.


Our endless endeavor of sustainable developing the community and forming an inclusive society keeps reminding us of our responsibilities towards the physically challenged portion of our population. We believe that the word ‘disability’ is just a word and in reality, it has no value of existence. We feel that anyone and everyone can participate and perform when needed.

We are charity, non-profit, fundraising, NGO organizations. Our activities are taken place around the world, let contribute to them with us by your hand to be a better life

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Why People Choose Us


To create a world where the persons with disability can live without any discrimination and they are given the opportunity to realize and explore their true potential.


Our mission is to impower the persons with disability against illiteracy, injustice, illness and proverty. Our interventions lie in building large scale positive academic and social programs where can they fully realize, achive and explore their potentials.


Aims to improve the quality of life among Persons with Disabilities.


Aims to improve the quality of life among Persons with Disabilities.

Physically -challenged Development Foundation (PDF) , a registered, nonprofit organization of the Republic of Bangladesh , is a local organization whose membership comprises of youth with disabilities community between the ages of 16–35. It aims to improve the quality of life among youth with disabilities by facilitating their personal development and promoting their involvement in all physical and social environmental matters. It seeks to work on the concept of an inclusive society through and by youth who do not have disabilities. Since its creation in 2008, the organization has experienced significant growth and has been involved in or has coordinated a number of activities/projects at the national, regional and international levels. Significantly, the organization has conducted, and has assisted youth with disability in attending, leadership and other training courses.

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