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The Physically-challenged Development Foundation (PDF) (s-10146), is a registered, national youth-led organization whose membership comprises of youth with and without disabilities between the ages of 16-35. It aims to improve the quality of life among youth with disabilities by facilitating their personal development and promoting their full involvement in all physical and social environmental matters. It seeks to promote the concept of an "inclusive society" through and by youth who do not have disabilities.

Our endless endeavor of sustainable development and forming an inclusive society keeps reminding us of our responsibilities towards the physically-challenged portion of our population. We believe that the word 'disability' has very little positive effect: it is but a matter of perception. We feel that anyone can participate and perform when needed.

Finally, In January 2014, PDF started piloting some activities to mitigate the challenges and contribute the recommendations found from the survey. The major activities were - campaign for Disabled Friendly Campus - DFC, PDF Summer Challenge, and ECMY as well as some other activities like Sports for the Disabled. Admission camp for students with disabilities, Leadership training, Scholarship program, supporting youth with disabilities to become an entrepreneur and so on.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is. what we dream to see our country after 20 years later. it must bo visualized keeping our youths in mind today and ensure that they are walking towards that dream. It is our passion to work with the young community for creating a positive mind set towards disabilities. If the future leaders emerging from the youth group can understand what the concept really means and that 'change' is what we are looking for. then it will be easier to make such a living place which will not be unjust. PDF has developed an approach to walk towards that image of a society and thus we have developed a 'three-step-strategy': Awareness. Care. and Action.

Awareness To create social awareness about disability rights and ensure equity

Care To create a skilled work force within the disabled community to help achieve the sustainable development goals

Action We promote active citizenship. community service and volunteerism to create young leaders


    "It is most heartening and encouraging to see the growth and progress of the PDF. The organization has become a great example in Bangladesh, where a young man, Mizanur Rahman Kiron, in his student life created an organization working with students who have physical disabilities in colleges and universities across the country."

    Dr. Valerie Ann Taylor is also the Founder of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed-CRP.


    "It is our moral obligation to help build a world of equal opportunity in life, liberty and freedom. We dream of an inclusive society locally and globally that would positively optimize on human potentials at all sectors. I believe Physically-challenged Development Foundation (PDF) is a much needed endeavor towards that goal."

    M. Zahid Hasan is also a Professor on Physics at Princeton University.


    A youth advocate and disability right activist. In 2015, the leading 'The Daily Star" recognized him as a Young Achiever of Bangladesh and it featured him in a cover story titled "Mizanur Rahman's Special Mission". He has received the prestigious Atlas Corps Fellowship in 2015.

Our Mejor 3 Steps

Policy Advocacy & Awarness

Empowering Persons With Disabilities

Mobilizing The Youth Community

Our Journey Towards Ability

  • 2008

    July 06. PDF (previously known as DESCOD) was started by Mizanur Rahman Kiron from Jahangirnagar University. Dr. Valerie Ann Taylor has given her kind concern to be the chief patron.

  • 2009

    PDF is registered under "Societies Registration Act 1860" as a nonprofit organization. Opened its first chapter in University of Dhaka.

  • 2010

    PDF launched project for the under privileged and community people. BGMEA and PDF organized first National sports competition to promote the sports skills of the youth with disabilities.

  • 2011

    PDF launched the annual Summer , Challenge, one of the biggest social service events among the youth of the country.

  • 2012

    PDF launched Scholarship Program. PDF achieved 1% quota from the declaration of high court (joint effort with others NG0s) and jobs opportunity in corporate sectors for persons with disabilities.

  • 2013

    Launched project supporting Rana Plaza victim's by providing small capital and domestic animals helping them to be empowered financially according to their social skills.

  • 2014

    Launched disabled cricket clubs. Started campus base advocacy project. organize round table conference at BRAC University. Disability Friendly Campus Campaign Staring committee had been formed.

  • 2015

    Received grant from U.S. Embassy. ICRCBangladesh and BRAC. MoU Signed with Asia Foundation.

    Invited to visit UN Headquarters and meeting with Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
    Launched .

  • 2016

    Piloting Enhancing Capacity and Mainstreaming Youth with Disabilities (ECMY). PDF becomes member of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and CSO Net - the Civil Sociey Network. PDF president participated in the Conference of States Parties (COSP) to the CRPD held at UN head quarter from June 14-16. 2016. Computer Training and Career Expo.