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    PDF ART EXHIBITION “Ibrahim- an Artist of Another Kind”.

  • Venue:

    LEELA लीला where minds come to play.

  • Address:

    60E Kemal Ataturk, Banani, the building of Jaatra, 3rd Floor

  • Date:

    18 and 19th March

  • Time:

    18th March- 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm
    19th March- 12.30 pm to 9.30 pm

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:Know About Ibrahim:

“Emdad Hossain Mollik, Ibrahim, a legendary mouth painter in Bangladesh. He was born in a village in Naogao10561811_965225620232995_3877068659282574300_nn district in the north-west of Bangladesh in July 1987. Ibrahim is a young artist with disability who is extremely talented and paints with his mouth. Ibrahim has received art classes through CRP’s vocational training institute. He has continued to improve his skill at mouth painting and now produces some wonderful works of art that are appreciated by all. Ibrahim’s achievements prove that nothing can obstruct the blossom of creativity if we have the necessary determination. His success story fascinates many and gives hope to disabled people throughout the world.”


Details Of Exhibition:

Realizing the current trend of the emergence of arts and culture PDF proposes to organize an art exhibition for Ibrahim, a painter who draws using his mouth. PDF wants to utilize his talent and hard work by promoting his skills locally and help improve his life as an artist. We also want to contribute in changing the stereotype as a whole. Some of our artists paint using mouth and legs, and the outcomes are beyond fantastic. However, because of the social stigmas that are persisting today, several of these talents are being wasted away, and PDF wants to take a step in eliminating such a condition.