Disability Friendly Campaign-DFC

Campaign For Disability-Friendly Campus

The objective of the Disabled Friendly Campus Campaign (DFC) is to introduce the topic of inclusion of students with disabilities who have managed to overcome years of schooling and college life and now seeks further development through higher education. Aiming to do that. PDF Disabled Friendly Campus campaign works in terms of making building structures disabled friendly. involving faculty groups in changing stigmas, implementing and Improvl current administrative and legal procedures. changing behavioural th of the students without disabilities, parents and so on.

Campuses are audited to make them friendly for the disabled. Several sittings are taken place with the authorities and faculties.

Students with disabilities across the nation are informed about opportunities to join these institutions.

Admission forms are given out and the students with disabilities are assissted with everything they need to apply.

Students who take admission are then assisted with their further needs like accodomation. financial issues. etc.